Krebs KTR-08: Upscale AK-47

The Krebs KTR-08 is a heavy hitter when it comes to tricked out AK-47s. It starts out as a stamped receiver born in the Izhmash Russian arsenal factory. Krebs then makes the gun 922r compliant with the addition of many US made, innovative proprietary parts. Most prominent is the long Picatinny rail (Sight Receiver Rail System Krebs Catalog #51) which uses a solid ball truninon and pivot system to lock in above the stamped receiver cover. The rail is easy to un-mount and lock back in. The rail integrates excellent iron sight using an AR-15-like approach: dual aperture in back, height adjustable post up front. This sight system lengthens the radius by 60% over a regular AK. Ergonomics are greatly improved by the addition of a Krebs proprietary safety catch the transfers the actuation to the right thumb (sorry lefties). This is a huge improvement over the standard AK safety catch. Also an op handle notch is milled into the opposite side safety catch lever which can retain the operating handle, another nice feature. The Krebs forward rail is well designed and narrow, preserving the overall excellent ergonomics of the gun. Plenty of real estate is available on the rail but be careful not destroy your swing weight (discussed). The KTR also has two excellent Tapco brand upgrades: a single hook G2 trigger and pistol grip with storage compartment. The trigger releases crisply. The stock is a VLTOR retractable AR-15 compatible type with storage compartments. It helps cure the

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  1. Would make a good “trunk-gun”, for a Sheriff or HwyPatrol … That’s about “it”.

    Yeah … AR-10/SR-25 carbine or an A4-6.8mm … for the money.

    .357 mag wheel-gun with a decent red-dot would be more likely to “be there” and to save your bacon.

  2. Great video,you really know what you are talking about,some great analogies too(corvette:))

  3. I like guns, I like the way they look.
    I like the shiny steal and the polish wood.
    I don’t care if they are BIG or small.
    If they are for sale hell I want them all.
    I like guns.
    I like guns.
    I like guns.

  4. @Kylef7735 — a 30-06 round will put you down with far more authority than a 5.56 will.

    Keep in mind also because the military is more politically correct in contrast to WWII we have to accommodate smaller statured women.

  5. @Kylef7735– As a Soldier myself lighter is always more desirable, but you have to ask yourself at what cost.

    I toted an M4 Carbine around Iraq, with a Knights RAS system, pistol grip foreend, and an Amipoint red dot sight with the appropriate mounting hardware.

    With all that crap, the weight starts adding up quick. If I was a straight up 11Bravo then we could have included a IR optic and laser as well adding yet more weight.

    As I said before it is all subjective to the individual.

  6. @usarmycaptainamerica Do you really think that those guys in WW2 would rather have their 12 pound rifles than a 6.5 pound rifle?

  7. AK is an AK damn reliable not super accurate” “depending on round and ammo”, and if you miss you got 29 more rounds, but personalty for a Krebs i would save for an entry level AR-10 or 15 but thats me, Krebs or Arsenal is just a fancy Saiga. If you want accuracy get a bolt action bull barrel and floated trigger… but then only as accurate as the shooter. I can’t really shoot my Saiga all that well but I can tack drive with my 1942 Tula Mosin, its odd, its like food every one has there taste

  8. people shouldnt get so polarized on guns…what works for some doesnt mean that it will work for others….i like putting ar stuff on my ak….it makes my gun unique and for me it works. i like modding my gun/gear TO ME TO SUIT MY NEEDS. if people in this country worried more about themselves than that of what others are doing this country would be better off.

    oh n btw gun weight for me isnt an issue…cause if the SHTF im sure there will be plenty of gear and guns laying on the ground.

  9. what a gay looking AK. I hate when American companies ruin the AK design by trying to “Americanize” it with a bunch of gay AR parts. The original AK design is amazing why ruin such a great design that the russians made? Thats why i went arsenal, although the polymer furniture is gay too, i made some custom wood furniture on it and it looks amazing. Im sure it shoots fine though but the design is just horrible.

  10. i stopped in Krebs Custom’s shop today that is a great place to visit

  11. How much did a M1 Garrand or a BAR weigh for AAmerican Soldiers during WWII???

    The weight of a rifle is always subjective to the individual just like recoil, and pain.

    It is just another good reason to stay physically fit, and do some occasional ruck marhes so you get comfortable with your gear and weapon of choice.

  12. You increased the performance of the AK style rifle so this is a plus. Well done. Good improvements made.

  13. nutnfancy do you think you we be able to make a video showing us the “lightest” AK possible with functionality?

  14. lol if you want to save yourself money get a Saiga sporting rifle, get a conversion kit from K-var, save yourself about 1000 dollars, and customize as preferred, and save money, that kids is a Saiga receiver.

  15. Great job man after my 3rd tor to Iraq I’d love to come run and gun with u

  16. @nutnfancy i was just wondering i see that you test gear have you ever seen any action by action i mean have you ever actually had to use any of your guns

  17. @nutnfancy My father might call someone a pussy for complaining about 11-13 lbs, but then again he was a M-60 gunner when was in Vietnam. Before then, he was carring an M-1 Garand (He said he never got the chance to play with the M-14.) ME, on the other hand, like light. Only disavantage of light is felt recoil but 5.56mm never had that much anyway. Good video by the way.

  18. @666ASTANA Why do you favorite videos about christianity when your username has 666?

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