La-z-boy Recliner Sale at Sector 57 Gurgaon

LA-Z-BOY is the inventer of original recliner, since 1929. Serving in over 70 countries across the world with more than 2 billion US$ turnover.La-Z-Boy, the world’s best selling recliner, is available in India at Sector 57 Gurgaon Known for its support, relaxation and comfortable cushioning, La-Z-Boy is a patented design. It comes with a sturdy mechanism, 18 reclining angles, 3 position footrest, independent backrest and trademark lever. It can be perfectly placed in a living room, home-theatre, bedroom, recreational area or even a quiet corner of the office. Designed in a combination of Nappa mineral red Italian leather and special finish carbon silver perforated leather, La-Z-Boy recliner comes with a 10-year warranty. • Call 9650089892,9650275258, 9810825228
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