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15 Replies to “Laurel and Hardy – Single Ladies Beyonce (put a ring on me)”

  1. EXCELLENT !!!!! I used to watch these shows with my dad–I found this by accident—Nice job !!!!!!!

  2. IT IS COMING…! The ‘Decoding Laurel and Hardy Project’ website – very soon – one unique place where all your comments regarding the Return of Laurel and Hardy can be displayed and viewed by all who feel the same way – that it’s about time that Laurel and Hardy were back on our screens, big and small. For further details – website launch etc – please contact­uk and join in one united effort to bring Laurel and Hardy back into all our lives!

  3. When a song fits a video this well, it should be applauded. This is no insult to Laurel and Hardy, this is brilliant and I’m sure they would laugh at it too if they were still around.

  4. no laural and hardy are the kings of comedy and ppl gotta do stupid shit like this just trying to be funny but its just down right idiotic making fun of these two i mean really.that paved the way for every comic out there.

  5. ok ok I,ll comment if youre lonely!!
    Yea its really good and theres loads of old black & white film clips with modern music on them, its fun searching..!!.

  6. Am I the only one commenting on this? I can’t believe it-THIS WAS AWESOME! I enjoyed it very much…so did hubby-Nice Job! 🙂

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