17 Replies to “Life in Singapore – FZD International Students”

  1. @Vaylemn

    You might want to click on the cc button next to the playbar to on the caption. šŸ™‚

  2. Psshh! If I had a penny every time I die a little inside because I know I can never go to Singapore to go to FZDschool, I would be there in a quantum-super-string-hyperspace-second.

  3. @gadunka888

    We are located at 200 Middle Road, Prime Centre and we occupy the whole 16th floor. Feel free to drop by when you are within the vicinity. Hope to see you one day!

  4. @antharding: Hi there! If you have questions about our programs and tuition fee, feel free to contact us at contact(at)fzdschool(dot)com and our Course Councilor would be glad to answer your queries =)

  5. Never take a holiday to a place you’re considering moving to – it’s a holiday, so of course it will be fun without the responsibility of your daily life. Jump straight in the deep end and just do it without ever looking back. If it sucks, either deal with it or move back.

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