Link Building

An introduction to link building. How to go about building links ethically to help link popularity. Back Links are so important for elevating the profile of your website. Discover methods of getting the best backlinks and get your website highly indexed by the search engines.

18 Replies to “Link Building”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! The conversation simply has to start with content. Thanks for writing šŸ™‚

  2. Great video Sage…
    Having valuable content is the key. If the content is unique and resourceful, people will link to it. I think having a well designed site that is captivating helps also. I’d link to something relevant that looked cool and was resourceful.

  3. totally agree. quality content is king on the internet…great video sage, keep em coming!

  4. Hi mdzarate,
    This is a good question. The “trick” is good content. If your site is interesting and valuable you will have a much easier time getting links.

  5. The question is, if you have a new site, which most people’s site are, how do you get natural links coming in? why would people link to you if your site has not PR, not history, not reputation yet?

    Blog posting, forums, does not work any more.

  6. come check out my channel I have a great way of getting back links to your site using forums.

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