Link Farm Evolution Review: Create Backlinks by the Thousand

If you have been looking for the answer to your backlink prayers, Link Farm Evolution just might be the answer. Check out this video and then the full length review here: In my review, I go into even more depth on the features that I can’t go over here.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Replies to “Link Farm Evolution Review: Create Backlinks by the Thousand”

  1. okay ready to pawn the whole market:
    Google WonderWheel Scraper 2: Keyword Research
    MS: Find the ‘Golden’ Keywords from GWWS list, Competition analysis
    Auto Blog Samurai – Autoblog content updater/RSS/Pinger
    OnlyWire Plugin – AutoBlog Post BL’er
    Write Again – Auto Blog Article Rewritter
    Sliq Submitter – Submitter to PR0-PR6 FREE WEB DIRECTORIES (HANDY)
    SE Nuke – web 2.0 BL creator/Article rewritter
    LFE – Blog Backlink Network Creator

    The above = ULTIMATE WIN!

  2. @MrMikeyboy1002

    But why moron, why, as i said and you dont get the point. Why would you waste money on simple blogs like this when you can get them free? and those free are also coming from higher PR sites

  3. @themewz You are obviously extremely new to this if you can’t see the value in this… You are supposed to build this network up, you get it the authority, you get it the pr.

    Using Xrumer and scrapebox you can blast tons of links at these blog networks.

  4. Great job…. but… ok i create 10 blogs and post there links to my main site, but all 10 blogs have PR0. It does not increace my main site PR. The 10 blogs are not popular and they can’t give me web traffic. The result is 10 or more dofollow backlinks(without PR).
    I recommend Bookmarking Demon or other social bookmarking soft. The risk to be banned(sandbox) or duplicated content is lower.

  5. @mikejohnsonmarketing
    Just a point. You CAN host locally on your machine, It supports proxies (best if you add 10+ private full speed ones though) to avoid annoying your ISP.
    Very easy to set up on local machine.:-)

  6. @lidpakala
    Yup – but let him carry on. We’ll stay automated – he can carry on with his pencils and set squares. I have blogger and wordpress pages with PR5 using this tool alone – plus add decent aged domains for $7.99 a year (bought almost 150 aged domains in August for less than $1100. PR’s between 3 and 7, all blogged and posted to using this tool.)
    Anyone want 2500+ PR3-7 links made while I sip coffee and go to the cinema while this tool pumps them out? Tuff – I’m not selling lol

  7. @TheZupreme
    Then use scrapebox or similar on the URL’s.
    I have 8,500+ of these sites ranging from PR0 to PR7. Most with 100+ articles on (all classed as unique) Took 4 months – When I make a new sales site, I slowly post the links throughout my farm over 4-6 weeks, and add juice bookmarking tools. If you buy this (it costs almost $300). No point making 6 spoke link wheels with tools this powerful. Think long term (months) and think BIG!
    I rank 2 for “weight loss” with an 11 week old site

  8. These submissions are disguised as real submissions, thus nobody will know if you hand submitted them or if they were automatically submitted. You can’t be put in the sandbox if you use it right.


  9. The only thing I see as a problem, is that it dosent sort the blogs on PageRank. I guess that means, that even though you might get a LOT of backlinks, they might not be worth a lot.

  10. @themewz

    You know really little about SEO and methods used to get the really good ranking in really competitive niches. So, start to learn! šŸ™‚

  11. what the hell is point to create blogs that is not

    – any authority
    – just looks as another spam link
    – has no pr
    – has no value

    you can simply post backlink on blogs that are even more valuable then that but still server for the spam purpose

  12. Great video / demo – nicely explained – Wow, what can i say? This is just evil, terrible stuff, and I’d never recommend that anyone use it… Unless of course they wanted to build hundreds or thousands of backlinks šŸ˜‰

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