Low Cost Advertising Strategies-1 A Single Message

Low Cost Advertising Strategies-1 A Single Message www.seo-advertising.com 311-7752 SEO-Advertising Rule 1 Boost Traffic & Sales The Use Of A Single Message In a world over-saturated with words and images, how do you get your ads to rise above all the din and captivate an interested audience? Simple. By creating advertising campaigns that convey only ONE single magnetic message. rules/advertising-1.htm Over the years, research and studies conducted by leading advertising firms have repeatedly proven that direct response ads that have the highest response rates are those that usually convey a single message to the intended audience. This single message could be the unique selling point of the product/service or even the biggest benefit gained by using the product/service. As with most other forms of advertising, you only have 3 seconds or less to communicate your product/service core message to the audience. Anything longer, your prospects could be lost, for good. Nordic Track, one of the world’s best-selling exercise equipment manufacturers did exceptionally well, using this single message advertising strategy. When they were advertising their brand new cross country ski exerciser, they used a single message that was simple, to the point, and compelling in nature, ie “World’s Best Aerobic Exercise”. Instantly, the audience was hooked and this provided Nordic Track the instantaneous brand, quality and price justification they needed. Here’s an example that’s closer to the

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