Luxury Pools Demo

SoftMirage – a visual communications company located in Orange County that focuses on the architectural, construction, real estate, and urban planning community. Founded in 1997, SoftMirage has established itself as a market leader in producing the highest quality work at the edge of technological advances. Our services range from 3D computer animation to corporate identity to website design. Our objectives include assisting clients to accelerate the complex project approval processes, provide a unique look and feel to companies and projects, and improving your business relationships through the increased efficiency and quality of information exchange. SoftMirage is driven by your success, by adding value to your business venture. Come take advantage of our strategic platforms and products so that we can make your company’s project come to life. Please visit or call our Director of External Operations, Steve Pollack at 714-546-7030 x102.

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  1. @nisantiskyline
    none of your business……………. look if you earn $500k a year = $10k a week – tax 30%= 7k – living expenses of $500wk= save$6500 a wk or $350k a yr * 2 years = 700k worth of savings…………. thats how i did it

  2. @Lepsaeus
    it is and your living in mine…. clean the rim will you leppy!!! Are yes just like THAT

  3. wow looks so out of the horny, if I were rich I would also let me build something like, just pure luxury.

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  6. speeeeeeeeechhhhhlessssssss
    absolutly flawless…………would love to go these places one day

  7. I watch these videos to insipre my self, there is no such thing as over-ambition. I will get these no mater what.

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  9. Your mother must be so proud…..for your loving light you spread in the world.

  10. prolly not getting a pool, lol. who gives a shit. worry about yourself, and if you are poor i suggest you do something to change your situation. not helping if u just bitching about it. loser.

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