Mehdi Karroubi Under House Arrest in Iran مهدی کروبی تحت بازداشت خانگی

Iranian Reformist Mehdi Karroubi Under House Arrest مهدی کروبی تحت بازداشت خانگی خانواده مهدی کروبی می گویند او در حصر خانگی قرار گرفته و حتی فرزندانش هم تا 25 بهمن، اجازه رفت و آمد به منزلش را ندارند. دیروز هم ماموران امنیتی تقی رحمانی، مشاور آقای کروبی را بازداشت کردند. Security forces stationed outside the home of the reformist cleric Mehdi Karroubi, one of the country’s most prominent opposition leaders, prevented Mr. Karroubi’s son from seeing his father on Thursday, according to the son, Hossein. In an interview with an Arabic-language news Web site, Al Arabiya, Hossein Karroubi, who is politically active, said that the security forces told him that other family members, except his mother, were also barred from seeing his father. The elder Mr. Karroubi and another government critic, Mir Hussein Moussavi, had submitted a formal request to the government to hold the rally on Feb. 14. Opposition Web sites have also reported the arrest of a number of people associated with the two opposition leaders. On Wednesday night, Taghi Rahmani, an activist close to Mr. Karroubi, and Mohammad-Hossein Sharifzadegan, a former welfare minister and an adviser to Mr. Moussavi, were arrested at their homes by Iran’s security forces. The Web sites also reported Thursday that two reformist journalists had been arrested. On Wednesday, Iran’s top prosecutor, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejehi, said that the request to hold a demonstration separate from the annual government-sponsored rally to
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