MSN vs GOOGLE – Search Engine Rap Battle

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Google and Microsoft trade nasty punchlines in the Search Engine Rap Battle. There are three separate battles MSN vs Google, Google vs Yahoo, and MSN vs Yahoo. Produced by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia and David Fine. Directed by David Fine. Created by Seedwell. ————— LYRICS Google: Your new system hasnt gotten many users They only use Vista cuz it came on their computers Step to me – Ill wrestle you blue My dyslexic fans, they call me “El Goog” Well connected – i got crazy links SEO just means what google thinks Smart people, they wanna work for me That’s why I jack you for your employees Gmails got females – on fire like foxes i’m six gigs deep, up in their inboxes Search market share: 4% you 68 me. this battle rap is through MSN: You bought Youtube for 2 billion bucks He bought Youtube, the search still sucks Your icon’s a joke – it’s just a doodle Your name sounds like a baby retard poodle Youre net apps – they’re slow- they dont work, nobody uses them, they go for the search I own your platform, I own IE, I own all degrees of the game, 3-60 You steal my people? heres the stor-y I buy Facebook and jack your employees You might have users, but they’ll soon be leavin ya cuz your search results say search Wikipedia
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36 Replies to “MSN vs GOOGLE – Search Engine Rap Battle”

  1. Google fucked us over forcing us to link to a google account! it’s bullshit because this isn’t even my real account, i had to make this account because i can’t even access my old youtube account anymore!! Everyone should start using instead of google! spread the word!!

  2. @Lan438 i love it how some comedy thingie turns into a web browser flame war. SO:

    Lady gaga is the number 1 pop singer of today , does that mean that she is a better singer than maria kallas ?
    IE might be the most popular browser, that hardly makes it the best though, in fact it sucks IMO (yes just an oppinion) The fact that many people dont know nor care to bother about looking for a better broweser (why should they ?facebook and porn sites work just fine with IE) doesnt mean IE is the best.

  3. Google all the way! I Hate !E! Its Firefox is the best, and that El Goog Part was H o t ! And I Love That Dudes Mohawk Btw Lol!

  4. “You might have users, but they’ll soon be leavin ya
    cuz your search results say search Wikipedia” OMFG MSN EPIC WIN LOL

  5. @BassButcher57 Microsoft, themselves, are teaming up with the EU to make them CHOOSE their browsers instead of IE pre-installed. BTW, IE9 has been downloaded over 20 million times. I do not think computer newbies know about beta browsers. Forgot to mention, I use Firefox as my main browser.

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  7. @Lan438 You’re the only idiot here. Every test out there places IE on the very bottom. It is the worst browser there is. The only way it can be number 1 is because every PC has it already downloaded for people to use. It’s simply because IE pays them to place it on there and most people aren’t knowledgable enough with computers to know or they just don’t give a shit.

  8. Lol, idiots. Internet Explorer is the number 1 browser currently. BTW, it’s a fact unlike your irrational opinions. Check on WIkipedia

  9. Possible future beat line..MSN vs Google: Look at this butterfly challenging Google to a rap battle yet anyone else would deem it suicidal. While Im up in the office creating beats and developing Chrome… you’re still at home watching youporn with your left hand polishing your gnome…lol

  10. MSN destryoed google with that bit at the end “your search results, say search wikipedea” LOL

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