MyRealPage Google Map Listing Search

MyRealPage ( ) has recently released a unique innovative Google Map Listings Search. Real Estate agents, teams and brokers who are MyRealPage customers, and their clients have already used this tool. We would like to outline some of its many features and show you a more complete video of what you can do with it. Google Map Listings Search features the functionality and interactivity which are expected by today’s high Web 2.0 standards. This tool allows you to literally “draw” your searches by outlining what area on the map you would like to search listings in, and further narrowing the criteria to your liking. * Draw a rectangle, circle, or an arbitrary “free-hand” shape to outline your area of interest * Select many standard and advanced search option criteria to narrow your search * Display the listing markers right in the page and quickly preview their information, or… * Browse search results in a more traditional list * In some markets, you may be able to search listings by well-known areas; such as neighborhoods, by “drilling” in and out of areas and sub-areas. Click to select an area and span any number of them, even if they do not adjoin. (We continue to add this feature to new markets; if you don’t see it in yours, it’s most likely coming soon…) * Select areas from a more text-oriented tree by navigating the tree to the desired areas and selecting them.
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