New American Home 2009: Ideas for your Home!

The New American Home 2009 is a showcase home in Las Vegas full of design ideas and energy-efficient technologies applicable to any size home, anywhere in the country. Premiering at the 2009 International Builders Show and sponsored by NAHB’s National Council of the Housing Industry (NCHI) and Builder Magazine, the home doesn’t shy away from the big and beautiful. At the same, it shows off cutting edge green practices: the 8700 square foot home uses less energy than a house a quarter of its size. Visit the NAH web site:
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. The Oil companies are trying their best to stop free energy ideas from spreading to common people.
    We need to put an end to this corruption ,start generating your own electricity now.
    Look for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in youtube video search. Join the Revolution!!

  2. These are nice ideas. I like the concepts. But I also saw some more amazing ideas on this other website called PlatinoDesign(dot)Com. They have like loads of Images and concepts on display. Fun stuff.

  3. Great video…I converted my home to a net-zero solar home that uses no oil or gas…I made a video about it called, “Preparing for Peak Oil”…

  4. a beautiful contrast between square and curved architecture.

    If you dont mind me saying I still don’t understand why cactus (cacti?) are so popular in American interior design..

    Maybe its because im British but surely it is a baron lifeless plant?

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