**NEW HOT MUSIC RELEASE** From R&B Soul Singer LaDeana Michelle – “Long Night” – FIRE!!!

www.ladeanamichelle.com – New, hot music release available now!! Classic soul!! LaDeana Michelle, singer, songwriter, producer, musician, arranger, actress and more, has once again given us something we can feel. However, this time, shes ditched the legendary tributes (though weve immensely enjoyed them) and given us a birds eye view of the phenomenal music we can expect from her forthcoming debut album in 2010. She has given us more of her. The beautiful cocoa goddess has this time given us Long Night. Written, produced, arranged, composed and performed by LaDeana Michelle, Long Night is an extremely sensuous love song with strong, universal appeal. It was played over 100 times repeatedly during a recent focus study that was only supposed to spin it once. It is undoubtedly addictive. The song offers a head-nodding, soul-stirring groove that awakens emotions in the same manner that feeling singers like Luther Vandross used to do so well. The moment the song begins, it draws you in like a prescription drug—and you cant stop listening until the song has ended. Once over, Long Night is in your blood.its in your head and you long to immediately play it again and again. Love and true feeling oozes from LaDeana Michelles outstanding, songbird vocals and feeds through your speakers like a dose of the most expensive champagne money can buy. You want to grab your lover, light the candles and forget about the outside world and its problems. This is exactly the point of LaDeana
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