no follow tag and its impact on SEO – No follows are all the rage, people are always asking me if they should no follow everything on their site for SEO. Or the fact that wikipedia, Twitter, Youtube, etc uses no-follows, and if that should keep them from having their URLs there.

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  1. Nofollow is pointless…Just checkout your inbound on yahoo. Sure they are “nofollow” but this doesn’t mean they are “nocrawler” =)

  2. @scott231us – entirely TRUE! Thanks for the update, I’ll add an annotation to this video.

  3. I believe nofollow tag is like a flag, where the search engine may determine if the link is a valid vote or not. If search engines are that good ranking pages, they might be capable of analyze the link and to determine if is a relevant link and a quality site. Well, that is what I would do if I were the search engine designer.

  4. no follow the “dumb” pages for sure when attempting to sculpt internal link juice flow.

  5. It would be great, but I can image Matt would say, go get good links regardless of the no follow, just build a good site, you know.

  6. how do you handle no follows when sculpting and molding the site your creating non-blog)?

    should I no follow as the dumb page ie: about-us, history, links page

  7. Very infomative and insightful. I think it would be stupid of Google to ignore great content because of the nofollow but nailing Matt Cutts down on that point might be hard all the same! šŸ˜€

  8. Yeah, not to mention, I think the links do still have seo value in certain instances.

  9. excellent points. having links weather no follow or not are still important to drive traffic to your sites

  10. Hi excellent videos, I have just come across you in my adventure to improve my views on you tube thanks for some excellent information regards John

  11. It does, indeed. I like that you learn us to think for ourselfs what makes the most sense when it comes to Google’s factors (instead of blindly practice what we read about SEO on the internet) . More of these videos are always welcome.

  12. Thanks! This is exactly the way i felt about the nofollow tag. I also felt that Google perhaps gives more points to certain nofollowlinks on certain websites. I think a link on Youtube is higher in the hierarchy then just some link in a blogcomment.

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