Pittsburgh SEO Group – Submitting Articles To Build Back Links

eyeflow.com – One of the easiest ways for any company to build back links to their site is to write and submit educational articles online. In this discussion Phil Laboon speaks about his experience submitting articles to various article syndication sites and the impact it has on his clients websites. For more free educational SEO videos visit http
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fourblogger.com First part of this second part video: www.youtube.com Outgoing links are key factors in SEO of your blog post. How you should link out to other blogs and websites? Use Wikipedia Links to wherever you are using different terms. Use another blog links whenever you need to explain your content further. Use effective texts as anchor texts in Links. Do not link to your friends’ blogs often. Google can identify you are linking often to particular person. Do not link to your own other blogs often. Google can identify the domain ownership and domain ip neighbours, server address. You will be punished. Not linking: If you want to mention some other blog, then link to their home page. Otherwise your readers will think you as consider as a person who has ego or you don’t have generous mind. For better Search engine optimization, use outgoing links as useful one.
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