Polygon Crash (Berlin)

Be it a street artist playing with billboard ads and walls or young architects renewing the “Platte” – the big, old, bad blocks from the German Democratic Republic times – nothing goes forgotten in Berlin. What once was historical reliquia or plain rubble, becomes – cultural or real estate – gold. There’s plenty of good examples of this, from the Heikonaut collective, based in a former kindergarten and taking care of unused buildings to put them back into business, to the Urban Affairs street art exhibition, taking place in a former brewery. Mission by Alberto Corrado ( Panorama / First ), Andrea Chisesi ( Panorama / First ) Look at this mission also on Check-in Architecture website www.checkinarchitecture.com on Picasa Web Album picasaweb.google.com or on Google Earth www.checkinarchitecture.com

Chuck Fetterhoff talks about working with California Artist Lynn Gertenbach in the redesign and real-time maintaining of her website, inviting you to visit it to enjoy her impressionist paintings. lynngertenbachart.com http

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