Power of Personal Branding by Jason Okuma ‘Part 2’

www.MindsetAndMarketing.com http In this Exclusive 2 Part Video series, the Mindset And Marketing Mentor Jason Okuma releases one of his *GREATEST* Persuasion and Influence Secrets. You will NOT want to miss his insider’s view of a key strategy to help your small business, home business, mlm, home based business, direct sales, internet marketing, online marketing, real estate or real estate investing, mortgage professional or network marketing business break through to the Next Levels of Success! Jason Okuma has taught this principle to many of his students, all of which have been able to acknowledge that they were Lacking in this subject area and totally “Missing The Mark” when it came to not producing the results they desired in their lives. You may have heard similar teachings about this by the likes of Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, James Ray, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and many more. But Jason Okuma always puts his little twist to it that makes it memorable. —————————————- If you enjoy programs like The Secret, SGR Science of Getting Rich, Liberty League, Landmark Education, MITT Mastery in Transformational Training, LifePath LPU, Wealth Masters International WMI, as well as MLMGoldmine or MLM Goldmine, Video Marketing or Online Video Marketing which is the same as Video Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Video SEO, all of which are contribute to Personal Development, Self Improvement and Self Help, Howto and

22 Replies to “Power of Personal Branding by Jason Okuma ‘Part 2’”

  1. Great video! How long have you been marketing online? We love video makerketing and I just wanted to stop by and leave a comment that you are doing an amazing job with your videos.

  2. I studied in one of the top design schools in the world .. branding is my expertise. in the end, branding is a shell. many GOOD products that actually provide real value to customers out there are being dominated by BAD products of major corporations using branding. it’s really a sad thing. using branding and design to make something that values at $5 originally to become $500 .. yes, it will get you money. but morally speaking .. it’s really sad imo.

  3. add: what I really wanted to say is that just personal branding alone is not going to help you dominate any niche. in the end, it comes down to if you actually provide any real value. but if all competitors create the same product – Coca Cola vs no brands. then yes, branding will make you stand out and dominate them.

  4. it may be true that branding is important as a way to market yourself. but if you do not deliver the goods and results in the end .. customers will not come back and you’ll get bad reviews. it will just be an empty shell. so I’d say the most important thing is to first create real value for your customers .. and THEN you focus on personal branding to promote what you create and share the values you are meant to share. still, nice info you got =)

  5. Oh my gosh is that Sylvester Stallone? that is very cool! You are absolutely wright…..

  6. You make me smile as I watch your videos šŸ˜€ I learned lot’s of info thanks šŸ™‚ Kindly take a look at my videos also thanks šŸ˜›

  7. Good Job, Keep Up The Good Work.
    Have Fun Making The Next Vid, Keep in Touch

    Gavin Stephenson
    Chase Me Marketing & Consultancy

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  11. im sorry but i cant see anything new coming out of this video. i know that what he is saing is true, but i really dont see it like im discorvering anything further from simple observation.

  12. Great Videos! Cool channel!!! Congrats!!! I Your success is powerful, and I’m happy for you. Be BLESSED

  13. you just made sense of what i’ve been observing with so many big marketers out there…thanks for exposing me to one of their big secrets…keep the vids coming!

  14. Hi Jason, It is Debbie Huff. I want to say thank you for letting everyone know they have a change to be a super achievers!!! Sometime it is hard to see what you can accomplish until someone says Why not you!!! Looking forward to getting coaching from you and your team of super achievers!!!! on branding my name.

  15. Hey Jason,
    Great video. Very imperative subject. Many times in life we don’t see it but EVERYTHING around us is being branded. From the tooth paste we buy to the cars that we drive. From the universities we chose to attend to the cell phone companies we pay each month. Many hip hop gurus today understand this concept and apply it to their businesses: P.Diddy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Russell Simmons- they all get it and have been achieving tremendous massive success…

  16. Jason-
    Everyone wants to be a “super achiever”. The only difference between being a super achiever and an under achiever is knowing that we ALL can be SUPER ACHIEVERS! You’re awesome for letting everyone know how they’re fully capable of anything.
    Denise Bouey

  17. Hi Jason,
    Great video!
    Thanks for the high-quality content!
    Spiritual Physique Life Coaching for Women

  18. Hey Jason, I really like the part of how you touched on when it comes to being a leader, it only takes 5% more efforts than everyone else! Just by doing the little things in life will lead to your improvement that much more. If you just keep on keeping on you will soon see yourself light years away from everyone else that was in your exact same position weeks, months, or years before.

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