Praxius Technology Loan Officer Website

Praxius Technology Loan Officer website preview. Praxius websites utilize the WordPress content management system and customize the sites with SEO enhancements, video, lead generation, property search, marketing collaboration, real estate and mortgage information. Sites attract real estate agent relationships for home loan referrals.
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  1. Thanks. I’ve been using videos for almost three years. We have created over 400 videos for our own business and those of our clients.

  2. I like what you are doing here and I like your videos! Keep up the good work! Also 1 quick questions….how long have you been using videos to market your message online?

  3. I can’t imagine any guru’s getting mad at you. You are not giving away anything. You “don’t have time” to give people the “tricks of the trade”. Decent video. Unfortunately…content is of little use…

  4. There is nothing you can do to get it reviewed. Your best chance of getting action is to make changes and add to confirmation information on other sites. If Google can confirm that your Maps info is correct, then they are likely to remove the flag.

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