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Broker Realtor Michael Stark of discusses how valuable social networking is on Twitter.Michael is also the founder of, which is a free FSBO (for sale by owner) real estate listing service. Michael’s other sites include,,,,, and Michael Stark assists buyers and sellers with both residential and commercial property in Orange County, and throughout Southern California.
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  1. A great tool for real estate agents with Twitter is TweetLister!
    With TweetLister you can:
    -Post and re-use as many listings as you want for residential, commercial, vacation and any other type of property.
    -Schedule each listing to post as often as youd like for a set period of time – until it sells, rents or leases!
    -Build enhanced listing detail pages.
    -Create broker/owner profiles.
    -Post to multiple Twitter accounts.
    And best of all – its FREE!

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