Red vs. Blue Recreation 2 for all of RvB.Simmons uses the holo-room to continue his design work while Caboose continues his own mysterious project at Blue Base. Originally aired Spring 2009 at http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Replies to “Red vs. Blue Recreation 2”

  1. @FellowBanana dude…caboose isn’t as stupid as every1 thinks…he is actually extremely smart…he pretends to be stupid so people will underestimate him… least thats what i think

  2. @Boogung i know i luv that 2, caboose and donut started out the same and tucker didn’t start sayin his signatur “bow chicka wow woo” untill… i don’t remember which season…

  3. @MrDavidX96 When he was first introduced to the show in Season 1 he wasn’t stupid. haha! And Donut wasn’t gay either, in fact his original armor was red. It funny how characters change over time.

  4. any1 else notice that cabos has been getting smarter(very slowly) for the last 3 or 4 seasons

  5. @Boogung I know, I meant it as a joke because all the Reds called it an emp (pronounced eh-mp), but now Simmons called it an E.M.P. (Ee-em-pee)

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