25 Replies to “Rick Ross – Blow”

  1. @socalrider949 well maybe i should write rick ross’ lyrics….b/c “i get brain. i bust nuts and eat steaks” sounds waaaay better

  2. @socalrider949 no it’s not, bitch, go listen to the version on port of miami then listen to this one. he rhymes it differently. and if u disagree call me 318 235 5275 i dont argue over the internet

  3. check out my group Double M Bosses (MMB , Money Making Bosses) version over Blow called Bout My Benji’s you can find it in the video response section. . .or just find it on my youtube profile. . i guarantee you its worth it

  4. i been listenin to rick ross since 06…i kept tellin ppl he was gonna BLOW up….they didnt believe me..ahahaha look at him now

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  6. i love how dem bitches are just gingerly singing BLOW in the background like it was a musical hahaha so random yet entertaining

  7. did he say, “I get brain, bust nuts and eat steaks” – cauz that shit is straight pimpin, no one but ricky ross can pull that line off

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