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Free Twitter Widgets Download @ Join the widget revolution now before is too late… If you search around the web or on internet marketing forums, you will find literally hundreds of ways to place links. The most important aspect of backlinking that you need to pay respect to is cost-effectiveness. The reason this is the most important is because you can spend thousands of dollars and man-hours buildings links and still get nowhere (or half as far as you would have gotten if you did things correctly). Learn what is cost-effective and what is not before you go blowing your entire bankroll trying to get your site ranked. The least effective thing in terms of backlinking is getting multiple links from the same domains. This is especially common for those offering “bookmarking” backlinks. There’s nothing wrong with links from bookmarking sites and they certainly have their place when it comes to getting your page indexed. However, two links is no better than one link from Digg, for example. I know of one particular link community where you can literally get hundreds of links from 10-12 sites, automatically, over and over again. The owner of the community says the power is that they’re coming from different accounts. I know another link broker who does the same thing and offers links from 5 different accounts on each one of 100+ social bookmarking websites. This does not help. Your links need IP diversity – plain and simple. Here’s another one… If you’re

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