Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial — WebBizIdeas – Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial by WebBizIdeas is for beginners. We will cover SEO techniques that you can use TODAY that will increase your search engine rankings. We will go over the definition of search engine optimization, organic results, PPC, keyword research, competition research, competition analysis, on page & off page optimization, Meta tags, header tags, keyword density, URLs, site maps, xml site maps, google webmaster tools, link development, directory submission, local directories, online yellow pages, one-way links, two-way links, three-way links, article submission, rss feed distribution, blog submission, and online press release optimization. Wil Reynolds explains how linking is like the placement of sugary cereals in the grocery store and why getting a link from a homepage is better. This section mentions the value of using SEOMoz, SEOBook, and Matt Cutts’ blogs. Part 7 of 15.

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  1. Too monotone for me. Good topic but presentation could use a little speeding up.

  2. really good video! ..some extra great tips to consider on “my internet agent” site

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  4. Good overview on SEO. many people don’t understand what SEO is, and your video does a fine job of explaining the basics.

  5. hello there im victor i just started making vids, and i was wondering, how i can make some money online, i do have google adsence but not know 2 much about that and i have a blogger accont as well with just 1 person following me,, + i have a page to go with that,, just wondering if you knew any ways of making cash online,,, o yeah add me if you want and subscribe, thanks alot vic….

  6. Very informative and applicable to optimizing your website. Nice job. Highly recommended to those in need of tips to get their web page jump started.

  7. Hi Wil…this is all nice and dandy, except how do you control linking to that level with CMS’s. In particular, I use Joomla. Even though my site has a hierarchy, my drop-down menu on every page ensures that every page is linked to every page. Most sites do too. Am I missing something? Should I be adding nofollow to some of my internal links so that SE will see hierarchies??

  8. Maybe You should open a SEO University… =). Thanks for the great advices man. Looking forward for your new videos.

  9. I did the affiliate summit a while back, but by all means please request me for the major shows like SES and SMX and any others that are local. I am 1 hour from new york, so hopping across the pond is no big deal. Glad you are enjoying the vids!

  10. great video! I’m just going through all your other videos, theres some fantastic info there.
    When are you coming to the UK to do some seminars?

  11. I would just like to mention that you can get all the crawled stats for Google, Yahoo & MSN for free using there respective webmaster tools. You do not need to use SEO MOZ for this, through the benefit is the report shows all three search engine data.

  12. Will do, spent a good hour going through your vids. Some really awesome points you make that I never looked at from that angle. Names Chris and I will def say wazzzupp!!

  13. Hey great video. Was researching your name since im going to IM Spring Break. Cya there!

  14. Great presentation. So glad I found this for my own benefit.


    Nancy PR

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