25 Replies to “Search Me- Higher Calling”

  1. This version has been recorded on our debut CD “Destined for Greatness” you can find it on Amazon, itunes or CD baby!

  2. omg!!!!! man yall are are really singing!!!! the musicians are just….WOW!!!!! Play drummers!!!!!

  3. my high school gospel choir sings this and we kill it we also sing heaven and my hands are lifted up

  4. love this new spice yall put to this classic!
    keep it up….its hot….hope to fellowship together soon.

    Director of Min. David Haynes & Praise Unlimited

  5. This is at The Citadel of Hope COGIC in Atlanta Ga…Pastor and founder Nathan L. Simmons.

  6. The greatest remake of a classic song. Between them & kevin Terry, they got the choirs looked up for sure. They have tocome th NYC.

  7. This church looks familiar to me. If I’m not mistaken, the FAMU Gospel Choir ministered here last year. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Anyway, we performed this song this Spring and I must say that this choir did a fantastic job performing it. And the band is on point!

  8. yall doin it but u guys need to see and hear a chusrch called GTOD sing this.. off da chain

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