SEO Lies – SEO Training Its called SEO Lies: A Report About SEO Truths. There are three things that make this book spectacular in my opinion: I agree with everything in it It’s short It only costs Now, those are three amazing things. First, agreeing with somebody else 100% is a pretty rare thing. But let me clarify that. Justin Brooke (the author of SEO Lies) and I might disagree on a few specific details about how to approach SEO, things like which Web 2.0 sites are the best ones to achieve the goal or what specific keyword density to use, SEO training, training on SEO, get free SEO training, and other such details, but we agree on the most general and important things. SEO Training, his plan boils down to three things: Good on-page SEO Acquisition of backlinks The importance of research (specifically, keyword and competitive research) Research on SEO training and Learn SEO In his e-book on the topic, Justin covers all the very important things and he starts off right away de-bunking the myths and lies that other SEOs are telling people. Things like: SEO Lies Report – SEO Lies Review SEO is hard it is not… SEO Training for free SEO takes a long time You need lots of content to rank well Duplicate content will get you penalized Nofollow links don’t count Everyone of those are lies that are repeated over and over again by SEOs all across the web. Justin Brooke demolishes every one of them. And that’s what caught my attention about SEO Lies
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