SEO Link Building Strategy – Get Backlinks With PR

I used this strategy to get free PR6, 5, and 4 links for one of my project sites. The method has been very effective for finding follow backlinks with PR that are related to my topic.
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  2. A wonderful video which is having the valuable informations,Let me try this to get high P.R,Thanks for the author…

  3. Brett you are the man. Thank you. I have been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, if you use Firefox you can configure it to show all nofollow links in red. You’ll have to visit the actual page you are going to place the link on for this to work.

    You don’t get PR credit for it, but you may get some traffic directly from the site if it is a related topic and you leave a good/ interesting comment.

  5. Thanks for the great tip Brent. Do you have a way to quickly find out if there is a nofollow attribute? If there is a nofollow, do you still get any link/PR credit for it? Thank you!

  6. I spent about 10 – 15 minutes a day doing this for about 2 weeks. I was on page 2 for the keyword I was targeting. About 2 – 3 weeks after I stopped posting comments for this keyword, my ranking moved up to #3 and finally settled in at #5. I’ve been holding that position for over a month now.

    This does work. It’s just the last few spots can be tough to climb.

  7. Hey Brent how did this strategy work for you? Did you notice any improvement to your keyword rankings? How long did you notice the bump lasting?

  8. @sikkuntbro44 – Thanks for the comment.

    I always subscribe to follow up comments for each of the blogs I post a link to. If the discussion continues and I have something to add, then I will follow up with an additional comment. I don’t normally go back and add another comment unless the discussion is progressing and I have something new to add.

  9. Hey thanks so much for this tutorial. Very useful strategy you have. Just a quick question how often do yu have to maintain the posts that you did on the blog? After that comment you wrote is that it or in about 2 weeks would you go back and right another comment?

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