SEO Rapper vs PPC MC round 2

Round 2…I’m going in Ok Aaron Goldman, you done crossed the line, I should’ve listened to Feet and killed you last time you keep coming back, like a trick candle you must understand that I’m something you can’t handle I do PPC too, so you know I can’t hate it for my clients everyday, and they appreciate it you talk down on SEO because you don’t know how to do it your marketing is limited you not winning you losing its time to take a bruising for the tactics you choosing what you bout to get is called a lyrical abusing all on my page posting videos and stuff your punchlines are lame no content just fluff shouldn’t tried to fight back like that, alright jack I’ll never get banned all my tactics are white hat you wanna talk PPC well then lets tell the truth probably got all your keywords in one big ad group trying to figure out why your CTR is diving and CPC is rising campaign barely surviving pass it over to me I’ll do some campaign reviving I’ll make your client happy cause their campaign is thriving look mayne this the part where you get shook mayne my SEO works, because I do it by the book mayne now I gotta get you, can’t let you off the hook mayne I always hit my target when I shoot, good aim when I done with you, you should retire rap, and that chain and them glasses and that visor cap now check this out, you a stick in the mud you not winning you losing you need more tiger blood you done took to much Sheen got you acting like a scrub you a PR3, I’m a PR6 stud, HA! I

17 Replies to “SEO Rapper vs PPC MC round 2”

  1. good shit bro.. come check out my sticky123100 diss track.. plus my main video though rated up cuz good shit

  2. Check my video out, i just started making beats on FL Studio and a link to my free MP3 to all my rappers out there! thanks

  3. this was majestic. PPC MC….we officially support Chuck ►SEO Rapper. ^Jillian

  4. I told you it was going to be brutal. Two Words “Lyrical Abusing”. It is hard not to watch, like watching someone poking a bee hive.

  5. I told you it was going to be brutal. Two Words “Lyrical Abusing”. It is hard not to watch, like watching someone poking a bee hive.

  6. I can’t watch no more mayne. That was brutal. That wasn’t even a battle. No competition. A pit bull against a chiwawa. Give it up PPC, m0serious is KILLIN you. The more you challenge him the harder he goes. Your just bringing out the best in him. That rhyme was sick. One of the best I’ve heard from m0!

  7. @teetez c’mon bro…u already know…we need to link up too. I’m going to Boston this week but next week fa sho

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