SEO Secrets: Reddit VS DIGG and nofollow links that kill your Google Rank This one is a treasure. It’s just a simple SEO secret but it can make the difference between getting hundreds of worthless links and wasting your time with web marketing or doing it right and showing up on page one of google fast – while your competitors just flounder wonder why they are not in google…. – this video goes over how to find sloppy competitors who have given up on SEO and turn that into a link building asset for your site. We go through strategies to contact webmasters and get links your competitors used to have.
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  1. خوشخبری ۔۔ صرف 5000روپے انویسٹ کریں اور ماہ گھر بیٹھے 100 ڈالرز ماہانہ حاصل کریں ۔مزید معلومات کے لیے ابھی کال کریں-

    انٹر نیٹ پر ماہانہ بیس ہزار روپے کمانے کا شاندار موقع ،اردو اور انگلش میں بلکل فری ٹریننگ حاصل کرنے کے لیے ابھی رابطہ کریں

  2. Wil, fantastic presentation with actual REAL value. Most presentations are full of things that I already know about. But I just got taken to school. Much respect! You are my new SEO hero. And I agree with Kenneth, loved the tip about transcribing via Google Voice!!!

  3. Awesome as usual. Loved that link building idea. Thats the thing with SEO.. Everything is staring at you in the face the whole time but don’t realise it until someone points it out! ps- why is the wayback machine so slow? Wil keep up the great work, your a tribute to SEO and by far one of the best speakers on the circuit! Much respect.

  4. Great stuff. i really like the idea of recording conversations than using a transcriber. i have clients that wont stop talking, telling stories but i can never get them to add it into content. defiantly going to be using this

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