SEO & Social Media Seminar – SEO and social media seminar presentation to small businesses. The author of the book, “The SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide” explained the value of SEO and social networking and how it improves web traffic. The topics discussed offered a glimpse of what is covered in a brand new eBook that details every important tactic you need to attract targeted traffic organically, and how to market to your social network of contacts. If you have a website, or are thinking of launching an online business, this is a ‘must read’. Why? Because I have been an Internet entrepreneur since 1993. I know that there are thousands of ways to do this wrong… and only a few ways to do it right. This book explains absolutely everything about creating a successful Internet marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, traffic is what it REALLY takes to make money on the Internet. If your site is not optimized properly and you have not created pathways (links) from other important web properties, your only recourse is to buy traffic and that can be extraordinarily expensive. This book is absolutely essential for anyone seriously doing business on the Internet. If you are not using “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide”, you’re money on the table. Visit the Internet Book’s blog at
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