17 Replies to “seo tai ji’s studio”

  1. 서태지 연습하면 진짜 감금 시킨데요 ㅋㅋ 피아 인가? 드러머도 서태지 특훈 하면서 드럼도 배우고 욕도 많이 배웠대요. 정말 미치겠어서. ㅋㅋ

  2. he has always been commanding even during the taiji boy days… he was always the one in charge ^^ while everyone else just sat back and followed

  3. He’s creative, provocative, and unique …
    he gave birth to Korean pop culture / music.

  4. taiji’s a mofoking genius… now that i think about it, he’s an emo posterboy

  5. Hard to believe the man is in his mid-30’s (but then again, thats the power of being Asian 🙂

  6. one reason why they are so fuckin good at live stages and concerts:
    they practice alotttt

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