Seo Taiji – Feel The Soul (Lead Guitar Cover)

Ae pessoal ta ai a Feel The Soul , música muito boa do Seo Taiji =D [VeP] – Viciados em Pump Guitarra: Condor RX-30 Amp: Meteoro Nitrous Drive Pedal: Zoom G1
Video Rating: 4 / 5

In this video you will see how to create a primary menu and connect URLs (paths) to it.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Legal o video, no seu Meteoro Nitrous Drive a Distorcao e ruim ? E tenho um e e horrivel, eu devo comprar uma pedaleira ???

  2. affe quero a cifra também, pode ser? *-* sô muito noob mas sô atrevida (H) se quiser mandar, eu agradeço MUITO:

    PS: preciso nem comentar que eu ADORO o vídeo e adoro Seo Taiji /o/

  3. that was amazing 😀 i hate to bother you but would you mind possibly sending me the tabs to this song? X3 i love playing seo taiji but his songs are just so hard to find

  4. NICE and the 1:04-1:13 sounded awesome! it’s nice to see even people in Brazil know Seo TaiJi

  5. essa é a fell the soul full né?
    mas fico muito massa na guitarra de verdade, principalmente o solo 😀

  6. What tuning is this song in? Do you know the guitar tuning for Ultramania?

  7. heyy i just started playing guitar and this cover looks awesome and im also a fan of seo taiji lol
    can i get the tabs please =D thnx

  8. yes, and then I get path link invalid – do you have a video on that? or should I even bother?

  9. thanks, helpful vid. how would i go about putting a forum, blog etc within one primary link called “community”? i keep getting “page cannot be found”. i’m using drupal 5.15

  10. it is a custom theme that is part of the download – you are welcome to have

  11. It’s probably easier to create the nodes and set the menu in the node form.

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