SEO Webinars intro – seo4firefox (aka seoforfirefox aka seo for firefox) & options for seo webinars. Wasseo webinars are short instructional online seminars providing affordable seo advice. They last 10 to 25 minutes followed by a Q&A session of about 15 minutes. Prices range from to . A seo webinar covers a specific subject like “how to post quality links” and “how to employ HTML emphasis” and is presented very much in the same manner as “install seo4firefox…” and other videos from my wasseocamnr1 channel. It is not easy to find practical and affordable seo advice. Seo presentations that last four hours and cost more than 0 are not uncommon. Furthermore, seo advice is usually laced with jargon that makes it hard to understand and apply seo. Seo stands for search engine optimization and may be described as an online marketing technology that prepares websites in order to appear high in the search engine results pages without payment to search engines. It requires many skills from different diciplines like copywriting for the web, usability and web development. The Wasseo webinars are therefore divided into five main categories: technique, content, link building, website analytics and conversion rate. Would you like to know how to get quality links? Browse through the link building category and choose the relevant webinars. No need to spend hundreds of dollars and sit through a tediously long presentation. The use of seo4firefox is essential for smart seo workshops. This video clip demonstrates the installation of the Well the BIG topic – buying links to help boost your SEO rankings, let me say again…if you properly analyze your landscape you can determine if you may or may not need to buy links. If you do, you should buy ones that are actually on GOOD sites – while producing great content is the ideal, you may have to prime the pump a bit with a few strategic bought links. This is an advanced tactic, if you don’t understand what makes a good vs. bad link, don’t buy one!
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  1. Pretty easy you would think, but then again they are a heck of a lot better than MSN and Yahoo right?

  2. s2ew – Thanks, your ending note is one that I need to touch on more frequently…some text links whether they are followed or not, can drive great traffic regardless of the PR boost.


  3. dannbkk, so many people just say build great content, while that is critical, you still need to promote it in every way possible. Iam not talking about massive link buys, I am talking about doing just enough to give you a running start while the great content naturally starts to build inbound links.

  4. Matt Cutts said that who want to buy links for traffic or advertising and not for a PR increase he has to buy nofollowed links, and it’s ok for Google then.

  5. I agree. Google sucks at link analysis. How easy would it be for Google to analyze historical linking trends?

  6. It’s refreshing to find an SEO specialist with some actual knowledge. Google is FAR more likely to penalize a seller of links. A buyer of links would have to be very excessive before Google would impose a penalty beyond just discounting the incoming link. Otherwise I could just buy links to my competition and then report the activity to Google. Why on earth would Google impose a penalty to the buyer beyond discounting the value of the link? I could also be buying a link for traffic & not PR.

  7. You got to give my thumbs up to this guy for having enough guts to tell people the sad truth. Paid links are what drive your site to the top and build authority with of course alot of other natural inks built in with it. Point Blank!

  8. I hear you.. Its also not the webmasters, users or marketers that I am worried about, but the hypocrisy of Google in this matter and their double standards. šŸ™

    The Legitimately stand on their own is subjective. You and me might consider a link legitimate and perfectly fine, but that does not mean that the SE, especially Google thinks the same. That’s what worries me.

  9. Buying links lost doesn’t = a bad user experience. If you buy a bunch of links for your iphone skin site and you sell iphone skins, I don’t see that as a bad thing entirely, while you are working on higher quality links. Where I do see that as a MAJOR problem is when you start ranking well and targeting words like iPhone cradle when you only offer skins…that has a negative impact on the user experience. Thanks for dropping the comment.

  10. Its a fine line…but my take is that your link building efforts should be well crafted enough so that they could LEGITIMATELY stand on their own, so if someone (human) were to take a look, they could say – this looks legit, not just like a spammy link purchase. You know?

  11. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Wil on buying links. It shouldn’t be done, but how do you beat out the competition that is doing it? I know from experience that trying to rank on certain keywords/phrases is impossible unless you buy links. I understand Google’s stance on this, as they want a quality experience for the end user. However, what are businesses to do when those paying for links are kicking your ass and need to get to the top to make a living?

  12. Every link is paid for at some point by someone and Google is not willing to clarify what they consider to be a paid lnk that penalizes you. Great, isn’t it?! … and … Is paying a student money to help him pay for his college education in return for a lnk with the anchor text ‘b.u.y v….a’ on his (.)edu faternaty page to get a page ranked well for the term ‘b.u.y v….a’ that actually sells via..a really bad for the relevance of Google SERPs? I don’t think so.. Mhhh… šŸ™‚

  13. So hierarchy is important in both building one’s own site, as well as the placement of links from another site? It seems intuitive, but not obvious…

    Also, thanks for the Crawl Test recommendation. I would think that starting clean and building a strong foundation is important.

  14. Thanks so much for dropping the comment – looking forward to putting together more vids! Any issues you’d like me to talk/blog about that you are running into?

  15. I am 100% with you on how youtube does one hell of a job for a website. As a consultant myself I don’t really like the diea of link purchases though, but it’s true that it has become so fundamentally integrated into SEO that there is no way around it in some cases. Anyway, great vid as always, looking forward to the continuation šŸ™‚

  16. Thanks man, just trying to be honest about what works – as for taxes I don’t know squat about em, that’s why I have a cpa šŸ™‚

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