Social Bookmarking Software Report You can export reports of you account creation and bookmarking success details.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 for more about leveraged Social Bookmarking. This is Part Three of my Three Part Series. Social Bookmarking is a power method for obtaining one-way back links for your website, blogs and other content. It cannot be disputed, back-links are the key to growing your page rank and driving traffic to your sites. Social bookmarking when done correctly can ensure your success at achieving these goals. Unfortunately many link wheel strategies, link exchanges and content syndication networks are ineffective because the links are either two-way or they come from the same small group of IP Addresses and the search engines discount them. Viral Bookmarking solves this problem by providing links from a wide range of members with unique IP Addresses from around the world. In this third video, I will introduce you to a powerful viral marketing tool that will greatly increase your social bookmarking results through automation. This series of videos is taken from a private members only webinar that was recently conducted for a number of Internet marketers. For more visit:
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