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When you search for something, lets say “LinkedIn,” you will notice there are some quick links on the search result such as “Jobs, About, Advanced” etc, how does that work? Assuming my website is #1 on the search results, how can I do that? Mohamed M, Ottawa, Canada

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  1. :::Attention::: bot945 from ubotstudios com approves of pantry712’s videos. That is all.

  2. It is so unfair…because a lot of persons visit my site and I would want them to be able to navigate freely. My website is not complicated, most of my main pages comes right after the .com so I dont know why google wont give me my damn sitelinks >:(

  3. Hi guys, somewhat of an unrelated question but….what is so good about Yahoo! site search compared to webmaster tools??

  4. hey how do i ask Mat a question? I want to ask how do they create the dropdown suggestions. are they using the same kind of information as google insight? As in they generate suggestions by what most people are looking for?

  5. I really appreciate these videos. I am not an SEO guy, just a small website owner and eBay seller and it helps me to better understand how to better manage my site.

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