Speaker, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Walter Schwabe

Walter Schwabe of fusedlogic, a Sherwood Park Alberta small business that focuses on Web 2.0 strategies delivers seminars at the Edmonton Alberta Business Link and Disruptor School for Edmonton, Calgary and Alberta Real Estate agents and Realtors. Working with Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta or Calgary business ventures, entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses and helping them design new marketing and business strategies related to the Internet is exciting, fun and rewarding work. Walter Schwabe has been delivering speeches, seminars and presentations for 8 years now. Walter Schwabe of fusedlogic has presented in Canada and the US. Walter Schwabe is happy to present to chambers of commerce, business associations, women in business associtions, marketing associations, SME’s and boards of directors on the subject of Web 2.0, Facebook, social networking and Global Microbranding.

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