Stompernet Internet Marketing Course SEO Review & Tips in this quick video I embarrasingly admit and showcase my stupidness and lack of commen sense about seo and internet marketing growth via search engine optimisation haha, but seriously I thought there can also be an important lesson here too and something although commen sense if not looked at can cost your business long term when building back links and so on to rank for whatever keywords in google or other search engines, remember to define your market and the phrases they will search. Something only occoured to me now when studying the stompernet seo course although ive been in the industry for years and running variois niche sties, luckily its been ok and not affected me but it could very well have if I was going for a term that really was big in the US vs UK but putting in the oriented market keyword… enjoy please leave comments and your own feedback ..would be great to learn from one another in the community
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