Thanks to Whispering Giants CEO Jimmy Foster for Social Media Heavy Weights Dinner Party at Rumor.

Social Media entrepreneur and Celebrity Real Estate Agent Aaron Auxier says thank you to Jimmy Foster, CEO of Whispering Giants in Las Vegas, Nevada for throwing the Social Media Heavy Weights Dinner Party. The private dinner recognized those in the Las Vegas community who stand out in the world of Social Media, Web 2.0, and New Age business leadership. Faces who will shape the very future of a new Nevada. The dinner took place at Addiction restaurant at the chic Rumor Boutique Hotel with multiple courses being prepared by executive chef Vegas Vic. Courses were paired with outstanding cocktails freshly mixed by Milagro Tequila (who sponsored the event). Along with powerful conversation in regards to how we can work together to help the recovery of Las Vegas, the mainly 30-something crowd took a tour of four of Rumor’s soon-to-open penthouses designed by famed interior designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces. To cap the night off, Joe Vargas and Aaron Auxier headed off VIP style to XS and Surrender nightclubs at Wynn’s Encore to live it up Sin City style (including the meeting of many global females). It’s Vegas baby!

Here’s the third test-modeling video with yet another tower! Just this week during Dubai’s “Cityscape” developer / architectural / real estate conference, Emaar’s chief competitor Nakheel showcased their ambitious plans for “Nakheel Tower” – a skyscraper community of 200+ floors reaching at least 1000 meters (1KM or 3280 feet) high. The particular forum thread for the tower on Skyscrapercity’s forums shows a height of 1170 meters and a width of 100 meters so that is what I modeled here in this video (the width of the bulk of the tower is about the same as the base of the Burj Dubai for reference). Being a skyscraper fan I thought it’d be interesting to put one of the former World Trade towers in a random island modeling of the game world – now coupled with the newest soon-to-be Earth’s Tallest Structure, the Burj Dubai Tower in Dubai, UAE – updated even further with Nakheel’s “Nakheel Tower”. Again, the goal of the mod wasn’t meant for testing the physics of the game but moreso accurately portraying the towers to help myself and others understand the scale where tall buildings once were and where they’re going. WTC Model designed in 3ds Max and imported into the CryEngine. BD Model drafted tier by tier in AutoCAD, then imported into 3ds Max and exported into the CryEngine. Nakheel Tower estimated from various renderings released by the company on SSC and the official project website. The floorplan extrusions were created in CAD, and a rough 3d model
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  1. why are there 3 awesome scyscrapers in the middle of a stranded island… lol

  2. @CosplayerTheRealLink (Ran out of characters)… cont. The size I feel is right on though along with the height. It may be a few feet off but again it was more the hassle of trying to have the Sandbox accept varying complexities of model (or lack thereof) rather than not knowing the facts. Thanks for pointing them out though.

  3. @bungiebobawsome Thanks for pointing out some pretty detailed facts there. The answer is while I wanted to model the structure more accourately, I found that particularly small and tightly spaced objects would mess up with importing to the Sandbox so I had to reduce the # of columns. Oh yes again, I did try to chamfer the corners but the engine had problems accepting the design. The roof I kept flat for simplicity but yes, there were again the decks on top ;). The size though I feel is right

  4. there were 59 collomns of each face of a twin tower, not 32. it also had diagnal corners and a trapazoid roof. are you sure you got the dimensions right at the base? 208 by 208 ft or about 65 meters.

  5. @KingWilliamMB cool thanks .. i will try it 😀
    beside its great work .. 😀

  6. @KingWilliamMB Hi King. Nope sorry I’ve not released the map at this time. I simply modeled the buildings with 3ds Max though and you can always get a free trial of that online. Simply look for the Crysis plugin and you can probably do this yourself ^^. The engine had a particularly difficult time importing the buildings though which explains the faceting of some parts. Scale also had to be increased by 300% usually to obtain real heights for some reason.

  7. @CosplayerTheRealLink thanks 😀 it helps .. great 😀
    do you have uploaded the data 4 crisis?? .. or can i download it somewhere …
    its just great .. u know i love Dubai and i would like to have those buildings in one of my maps 🙂

  8. @KingWilliamMB Hi King. They’re listed right as the video opens… At the time of doing this video though, the Burj wasn’t completed yet so I over-estimated the height of it slightly by about 40 meters. Nakheel Tower – if it ever gets built – may be 1,200 meters or higher… or lower. Hard to say. Only the WTC Tower is accurate to it’s height. 415 meters for Tower 1. Hope that helps.

  9. @CosplayerTheRealLink what are the hights u used in youre video 4 the buildings ??
    wow … the Nakheel Tower is ….. GRAND …. just wow … woooooooooow….

  10. lol music from Stronghold Crusider 😉
    3:00 wow … from top of WWC its sooooo high to the top of the burj …

  11. @robloxkingvids Hey I know I’m slightly off – this video was made before tower heights were official. Now that Burj Khalifa is 830 meters / 2,715 feet and with Nakheel Tower possibly being delayed or cancelled due to the economy (thus no final height released yet), I can admit that I’m slightly off on my numbers. NHT is far far beyond 2,000 feet though! Burj Khalifa is already over 2,700 so… yeah.

  12. Umm…nakheel has the height Under 2000 ft burg dubai has the mesurment of about,..over 200 feet….Col u need to get ur mesurments right..and sorry for my spelling

  13. first… what game or program is this… and second…. the WTC was a huge building but beside those 2 it looks tiny

  14. nakheel tower is cancelled… burj mubarak 1001 will begin contrustion at 2012 (wiki)

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