The Death (Or Redefinition) Of SEO Discussed

Some people would have you believe that search engine optimization is a dying art, and depending on how you define SEO, that may be true. But at OMS 2010 in San Diego, Greg Jarboe, the president and cofounder of SEO-PR, explained that other definitions of SEO make it very much alive. Heres the thing: as Jarboe admitted, The era of ten blue links is dead. People also cant expect to optimize a page by just changing keyword metatags anymore. Indeed, much of what so many SEO experts learned ten years ago has become irrelevant. The trick is that expanded search, which can be defined as search wherever it happens, is now important. Facebook, eBay, and YouTube users all perform searches, after all, and their attention is valuable. So Jarboe concluded, If you focus on those kinds of fundamentals, then SEO is alive and kicking.

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