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Get Your FREE Trial @ Just a few months ago, I added EVO 2 to my seo placement arsenal. Manual backlink building takes a lot of time and effort. It’s still worth doing, but it’s nice to add some simple automation. Each of my websites was able to go up a level in PageRank each month I used this awesomen seo positioning EVO 2 on it. So what exactly this website promotion software can do? Well it automates the task of building backlinks to your website. In a few short hours it can do the work that would take up to a week to complete manually. It will set up profiles for you on high pagerank websites all over the world. It will also submit articles for you and submit all of your RSS feeds to directories. Then those feeds get mashed together to create even more links back to your original website. The final result is that your website will start to rank for your keywords. And as an internet marketer this is really all you want. I have been using the program for a few months now and I am more than pleased. Traffic is increasing daily and pagerank is increasing monthly. The software also come with a free easy to understand search engine optimization tutorial and a free trial so you can experience the power of this wonderful msoftware without risking any of your money. Get your free trial now @ http
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