Top Ten Free SEO Tools – Webinar Overview #7 of 7

This video excerpt explains what you can learn in my SEO training class. The class proceeds from keywords to page tags to links to analytics. If you are interested in your own search engine optimization or search marketing strategy, this class teaches you how to get to the top of Google, Yahoo, or BING. presents the number 1 thing you should be doing daily in your business to make sure you are moving forward. Hey Dr Net here… I have received some email from people wondering what to do next with their online business. I want to let you know that you must take action …marketing action daily. Nothing happens until you get your information out there on the internet. It is critical for you to take specific action daily that is geared towards traffic generation. This could be submitting an article to the article directories, Or creating pages on wet paint, or hubpages, squidoo This could be posting content to yoru blog and then twittering it. This can be done quickly and effectively with Windows live writer. If you have not seen the videos about this, they are in the membership. I created 3 videos about windows live writer. When you post with windows live writer it will automatically pull a screen up and allow you to post to twitter. This is a plugin for windows live writter that helps you make sure you are hitting twitter. I am getting more and more traffic from twitter these days. Are their forums you could go in and offer your help and also leave a nice link in your sig file? Do you have bookmarking to do? How many backlinks have you built today? I would shoot for a goal of 5 backlinks a day. I recently sent out to you a system in which for 5 dollars a month you can get 30 high ranking sites to place your links on. This is powerful to
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