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FREE Training: Traverse City real estate agents and business owners get ready for 100% Social Ignition. Are you hip to the tweets? Are people diggin on your Diggs? Are you Friendfeeding on your Facebook? Where is the online you? BlueLaVaMedia is here to help you and best of all…we are going to help you for FREE! That’s right. No more having to pay for that consulting because you’re going to get it from the Guru himself. Yes…that’s me. Over the last ten years I have built up the World’s LARGEST virtual tour company and #1 ranking on google I might add. In March of 2008 hppt opened its doors as a local property marketing firm and I’m sharing all of my valuable knowledge on social networking, SEO, social bookmarking, link building and blogging with the World…well with my RTV network and with Northern Michigan business owners anyway. Sign up now for our Social Ignition webinar here:

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    I like what i watched.

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