Using Twitter for linkbuilding in SEO Strategies on how to use Twitter to help you build quality links for your SEO campaign and to boost rankings.

This video covers what I like to call the link building paradox – ie the fact that natural link building requires links to get more natural links. Get a free link building report at
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27 Replies to “Using Twitter for linkbuilding in SEO”

  1. Love the look of your site. However, you are an SEO company that has 9 links from 7 domains and you are an SEO company. What is reason for that?

  2. Thats what its all about, thanks for taking the time to write back with some feedback, much appreciated.

  3. great video, I came on hear for some fresh SEO ideas and you’re giving me plenty! Thanks.

  4. You can speak a little slower it will help us whose mother tongue is not English to follow better.

  5. as usual your vid jammed with great value, your an animal my friend šŸ™‚ 5*
    Vincent Cameron

  6. Excellent vid. I wish you were my uncle so that you could teach me how to “SEO” my site. Excellent info.

  7. Thanks for the feedback, can’t change the video bt maybe I’ll touch on these points in the future.

  8. When you say people are buying links, they are doing that to boost their link popularity. I thought you could of better explained that the links within Twitter will not increase link popularity but is good for exposure or “social networking” as they say. You should talk about why Twitter incorporates “tinyurl” so the systems doesn’t get abused.

  9. these are good ideas.. i’m setting up a dofollow link directory and will think of ways to use twitter to generate links.

    That’s the thing I like about twitter. it’s full of active users.


  10. Thanks nealg2g – Glad you subscribe here! Remember I’m on twitter too so say hellow there @wilreynolds

  11. I have been avoiding twitter for reasons that I assume it was just another time-sink! Thank Wil for showing me the true value of tweeting.

    Long time subscriber!

  12. Ronald, that’s the hard part about books, by the time they go to print, its not cutting edge anymore. Thanks for the support.

  13. 2 things

    SE’s give new sites a temporary ranking boost and pay extra close attention to behavioral data like CTR & bounce rate during that incubation period (2 weeks).

    Google now examines the “naturalness” of everything, including linking profile. If you don’t acquire links at a rate consistent with your traffic – If your anchor text isn’t varied – If you only have do-follow incoming links, another flag – If blog comment and other public links are all href format rather than exposed url – FLAG

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