Video Search Optimization Tips from Aaron Wall of SEOBook – Aaron Wall, of, gives us some tips on Video Search Optimization at the SES San Jose 2009 Conference and Expo. One thing that Aaron addresses here is how to optimize your site, while at the same time leveraging video syndication to sites like YouTube. So, how do you leverage Youtube, without having it trump your own site in the rankings? One tip that Aaron gives is that if you post video content to your site and to a site like YouTube, try posting the video to your site first so as to obtain more incoming links to your site. As Aaron puts it, “you want the links coming to your site, if you can; because then that link juice can be used to rank better for a wide array of keywords” For more tips on Video Search Optimization (Video SEO) and video marketing, check out ReelSEO – optimization is our passion: For more about search engine marketing and search engine optimization as well as learn more about, go here:

Intro til emnet søgemaskineoptimering – også kaldet SEO – af Emil Blücher fra Blücher Media Overordnet forklaringer af søgemaskinernes forhold til tekst, dublicate content, rammer, flash, links på begynderniveau
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  4. Thanks for clearing up that the blog entry comes first to feed the youtube in bound link ratings, which in turn can bring traffic back to your site.

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