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In this episode – I discuss how to be found in Google and where to place your keyword phrases. Basically you want to make sure that your keyword phrases (the term in which you wish to be found for) are in the following places…. 1. Title Tag 2. Description Tag 3. Keywords Tag (this tag Google doesn’t really look at anymore because so many users have spammed it – but still a good practice as other search engines still use it to a degree) 4. H1 Tag 5. Body Tag – Preferably First Sentence or First Paragraph 6. Your Internal Links 7. Your Incoming Links 8. Alt Tag 9. Domain Name / Page Name If you want to see visually where the keywords should be placed – click on the link below: www.wsisocialmindz.com ************************** Do You Have A Question? Submit your questions in the comments below or post a video response ! Thanks for watching! Baltej Gill AskBaltej@socialmindz.com
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  1. enjoyed that! very clearly explained.

    I think you should change oyur strapline to ‘ The Internet Marketing Homie’ if youre going to keep that baseball cap on!

    doing a site for a new business right now so will come to you for some tips.

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