Wendy Patton – Picking a Potential Lease Option Home

www.wendypatton.com Wendy Patton walks you through a potential lease option home. She points out important things to look for and things she takes into consideration when she prepares it for tenant-buyers. This house is vacant which means the sellers didn’t need to sell it before they moved on, which makes them good candidates for lease option. This home is listed with a real estate agent, which is how Wendy Patton finds most of her lease option homes. A lot of people won’t look to real estate agents for real estate investment properties, but they are Wendy’s favorite way to do rent to own deals. http
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  1. camera person is eating the leaves? Feed ’em before the next video…..and keep them coming….

  2. Hi Wendy Nice video A quick heads up tell your camera guy to not move the camera soooooo much lol Keep them coming

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