YYCFL 2011-01-26 Calgary City Council – UE2011-02 Fluoride – January 26, 2011

SPC (Standing Policy Committee) on Utilities and Environment. Items: UE2011-01 Glenmore & Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant Upgrades (final report), UE2011-02 (NM2011-02) Fluoride.

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19 Replies to “YYCFL 2011-01-26 Calgary City Council – UE2011-02 Fluoride – January 26, 2011”

  1. @weeeepp only people that are partnered (like me for example) can upload over the time you can upload

  2. @weeeepp It is not meant to be watched end-to-end. There’s an Interactive Transcript. People use that to SEARCH for the legislation or alderman they’re looking for historical record of. Or it is meant to be linked to with start-time codes, so a particular moment starts playing right away.

  3. how is it that you can have a 9 HOUR video on youtube??? another question is WHY??

  4. Anybody that thinks poisoning our water with fluoride actually does something to prevent cavities has rocks in their head. It’s real simple, you don’t brush your teeth, they’re going to rot. Take care of them, you have nothing to worry about. Now, is there anything you want to add to the water that’ll prevent cancer? How about a 30 year coarse of chemo?

  5. Your interactive transcripts are a gawd-send Gordon. Finally, we can search and find relevant parts of Calgary Council meetings without having to skip through the entire video. (For those you aren’t familiar with the interactive transcripts, click the paper icon below the view counter under the video).

    Keep up this awesome work! Hopefully we can get the City of Calgary to start considering this an important part of the public record!

  6. You do such excellent work with this GMcdowell! The interactive transcripts are a huge benefit. (click the little paper icon under the “views” counter). Being able to search and find an exact spot in the transcript and have it link up to the video is extremely helpful.

    When will the City of Calgary start considering this form of record for the public?

  7. 6:33:43 (393:43) “If somebody’s weighed evidence and they come with a respected opinion, how is it you resolve the differences?”

  8. There’s a good Metro column “Public hearing overhaul needed in Calgary” by Darren Krause which points out the careful framing of questions. Darren points out Gael MacLeod asks interesting questions. To follow that line of inquiry, activate INTERACTIVE TRANSCRIPT, then use browser’s CTRL-F to FIND the word MACLEOD in the transcript. By repeatedly using FIND NEXT such Q&A can be quickly found.

  9. 2:45:15 (165:15) Doctor Luke Shwart, a dentist & Alberta Health Services dental public health officer. Offers good “pro fluoride” summary. (Most of the presentations were against.)

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