10th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition Speaker Kevin Frye

Likes or Links — Which One Stinks, and Why Social Media is BS Candid advice from one of America’s top 50 dealership groups about social media, SEO, and mobile Great news! I am not here to sell you anything, but rather to share the observations of one of America’s top 50 dealership groups on social media, search engine optimization, and mobile. I will be sharing why much of what you have heard about social media is BS, and more important, where social media works best for dealerships. I will also share why mobile is so important to your future, and what you better be doing now to be prepared. And finally, I will share important changes with the search engines — “likes or links”, and what you need to be doing to your web sites, blog(s), and more to beat your competitors. My guarantee is that you will leave this presentation with a list of things to do that will make you a better “Digital Dealer.” Kevin Frye is the e-commerce director of the Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, one of the top 50 dealership groups in the United States. He has been a leader in the industry with the use of video and video SEO, social media, mobile, and managing your online reputation. Before his work with Jeff Wyler, Frye was an independent business owner who pioneered selling cars online for both dealerships and individual consumers, selling over 500 cars on eBay in one year alone. Frye was a naval aviator for eight years, with extensive flight hours in Desert Shield and Operation Southern Watch
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Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Hollis Thomases, Web Ad.vantage, on the subject of twitter automation at SES Chicago 2010. Hollis says businesses must use Twitter in a holistic way, providing information of value to followers including customer service, research, promotions, asking for feedback, to name but a few. If you plan on automating your Twitter presence, you need to monitor your tweets and who is responding to your tweets, how you are tracking clickthroughs on links tweeted, and measuring your influence by those responding to your tweets and how those tweets are impacting your brand’s influence. Hollis then discusses the UNIQLO case study. UNIQLO, is an apparel retailer, and used Twitter to leverage crowdsourcing when it came to controlling the price of a particular product. Hollis goes on to discuss her new book, Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day, a business text for newbies and marketing professionals. The book is filled with untold case studies of brands and companies using Twitter effectively for marketing purposes. Finally, Hollis discusses some of the newer twitter tools recently introduced including, Twitoaster, doesfollow, and Tweepsearch. For more information about Web Ad.vantage, please visit: www.webadvantage.net To pick up a copy of Twitter Marketing: An Hour A Day, please visit: amzn.to To learn more about speaking at SES, please visit: www.seschicago.com
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