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www.gopherforum.com How often have you had questions about business insurance but just didnt get around to asking your insurance agent. Its possible you are just starting out and dont have lawn care business insurance yet. As we have found through our investigation on this topic, no one knows better what your insurance needs are than your local insurance agent. Each companys needs are as unique as the services they provide. Each state will also have different insurance requirements of you. Since these questions come up quite often, we decided to compile a list of the most common insurance questions asked by lawn care business owners and found a friendly insurance agent to give us answers. 1. Q How does an LCO determine which liability policy should be purchased? What percentage of LCOs have the following coverage? 0000.00, 00000.00 or 00000.00 Answer: Most all carry 00000 the difference in premium is minimal between 1 & 2 million worth of coverage. 2. Q: What is a reasonable rate for a 0000.00 / 00000 / 00000 liability insurance policy? Answer: Rates are based either on number of employees or sales. For an operation with 4 employees an approximate premium would be 00. 3. Q: How much more on average is a million or million dollar liability policy, what percentage of LCOs have this coverage? Answer: Most lawn care companies dont carry these high limits. 4. Q: What is the average LCO deductible for liability and theft? Answer: I recommend
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