Apple iAds vs. AdSense, Google PageRank Update & Images In Sitemaps – We are back to our video recaps, despite barely being able to talk. This week I covered that more people are seeing the Google Jazzy blue interface. Also, there was a Google PageRank update and we covered the main changes at Google over the past month. Google Sitemaps is now accepting images. Google graduated malware from Webmaster Tools Labs and made is faster and better. Google AdWords is unbanning some banned AdWords advertisers. Apple is set to compete against Google AdSense for Mobile Apps with Apple iAd. Google Maps dropped the 3D street views, was it a bug or a joke? Yelp is changing their reviews policies in light of all the lawsuits. Finally, Google didn’t show an Easter logo this year again, and people were upset. That was this week at the Search Engine Roundtable. More & More Seeing Google’s Blue Jazz Interface : Google April 2010 PageRank Update : April 2010 Google Webmaster Report : Google Sitemaps Now Accepting Images : Malware Details Graduates In Google Webmaster Tools : Google Malware Detection Gets Faster & Better : Google AdWords Removing Account Bans? : Apple’s iAd to Compete With Google AdSense Mobile Ads : Google Maps Drops 3D Street Views, Was It a Prank? : Yelp To Change Review Policies : No Easter Logo At Google Again
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