Are links in footers treated differently than paragraph links?

Andres from Boston, MA asks: “Does Google treat links in footers differently than links surrounded by text (eg in a paragraph)?” Thisvideo is part of a “Grab Bag” series in which Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, answers questions from users. We’re not currently taking new video questions, so your best bet for getting an answer about webmaster-related search issues is to head to our help forum:
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15 Replies to “Are links in footers treated differently than paragraph links?”

  1. im starting to give up on seo im convinced know body knows the real way how to do it !

  2. Hmm.. OK my take-away is that links in the footer are usually not in context to page content. And as they are repeated on every page they are more or less disregarded. Links in context to content.. read relevancy to subject.. Will carry more weight to the linked page assuming of course that the linked page is in context to the originating content.. Greater sophistication? I guess so

  3. as far as i can tell ive seen pages rankin high for new keywords with 5, 7 footer or blogrolls from huge related sites. so u can figure whats the truth

  4. Yes Matt, i agreed that the links in the content has more value than the links in the footer or in the header menu. most of the visitor, who is going to read content definitely they will click the link in the content, if the content is very informative. But the site should have the links in the footer also. Thanks for the Video.

  5. It seems to me that the question was about link credit, not the distribution of PR. Since contextual placement matters, I.E. “Headers” matter and where they appear matters, one can assume that the placement of links matters too. There are over 200 algo’s right? How many can you imagine?

  6. Good God its yes or no Matt! As usual vague…..much more sophisticated…..reserve the right to treat differnt….may, it might not…..You never simply say YES we do treat it different…but disclaimer we reserve the right….you never say anything honestly, yet we have to get our sites found and u want us to be honest…..where is the clear answers they never exist? reserve the right??? come on!

  7. Interesting video. It’s about what I’d figured.

    I remember someone else who does SEO telling me about his SEO “silver bullet” being footer links and apparently how great it was. Maybe not so great?

  8. That’s not at all what he said. He’s never going to tell us something that specific. He said they reserve the right to weight paragraph links differently than links on other parts of the page that might not be as relevant to the content on that page.
    He did NOT say: “Blogroll links that appear on 200 different pages of 1 site are less valuable than “incontent” links from another site.”
    His statement was relative to the two different types of links on the same page, see the difference?

  9. bosduvarlar – Incontent links hold more editorial weight than footer links because the vast majority of incontent links over the web are much more relevant to the sites they point to than footer links.

    Matt pretty much just reiterated the fact that getting incontent links from niche related websites hold a lot more weight than blogroll links on unrelated websites.

  10. Agreed DirtyMonkey815 !

    Site wide links, footer links, menus are not useful as links inside a paragraph.

    Also, Link exchanges can take a back seat now.

  11. I still did not understand from the video which of these links are better? Footer links or links in main content. And how do google classify links as footer and main content links?? Video would be more explanotory..

  12. How do you determine what a footer link actually is? is it a link with no surrounding text that is repeated across the site? if so, wouldn’t menus also fall prey to this pagerank reduction?

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